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Karen Darilek

Welcome to my class page. I am the 7th and  8th grade Resource Reading and Math teacher.   I am looking forward to an exciting year!

1st period:    7:50-8:42 CONFERENCE
                     8:45-9:20- WIN
2nd period:   9:23-10:15- support teach Garner/Clark
3rd period:   10:18-11:10-  7 resource math
4th period:   11:13-12:05-  7/8 resource ELAR
                    12:05-12:45- lunch
5th period:   12:48-1:40- 8 resource math
6th period:   1:43-2:35- support teach Vanek
7th period:   2:38-3:30- support teach Clark
Classroom Procedures:
Write agenda in planners
Lesson Review
Class Rules:
C-Courteous, thank you, please
A- Always prepared- pen, pencil
R- Respect of self, teacher, classmates and property
E- Effort- 100%, all the time
Grading Policy:
Daily Grades- 40%
Test Grades- 60%
Students are assessed daily using teacher observation, data collection, and work samples.  Grades are earned based upon completion of class assignments, participation, quizzes, tests, participation and effort in class.
                                Reading AR Goal:

2 points, 70%


  • 1st six weeks:  September 23
  • 2nd six weeks: October 28
  • 3rd six weeks: December 16 
  • 4th six weeks: February 10
  • 5th six weeks: March 30
  • 6th six weeks:  TBA


Reading daily grade:
The student will receive one daily grade at the end of each 6 weeks for AR.  The student will receive a 100 if he/she meets the AR goal(points and percent).  If a student is short on points and/or percent points will be taken off.