Kimberly Hlavac » 7th Grade ELAR

7th Grade ELAR

My name is Kimberly Hlavac. This will be my eight year teaching in HISD. It will be my fifteenth year teaching. I teach 7th grade ELAR, 7th grade Reading Intervention and Teen Leadership 2. I love reading! It is one of my greatest passions. One of my goals for the year is to instill that love of reading in my students. Reading is the corner stone to learning. 

AR Deadlines:

1st Six Weeks:  September 19, 2019

2nd Six Weeks:  October 30, 2019

3rd Six Weeks:  December 19, 2019

4th Six Weeks:  February 13, 2020

5th Six Weeks:  April 2, 2020

6th Six Weeks:  May 14, 2020