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Welcome! I teach 6th Grade World Cultures and 7th Grade Texas History. My classroom is Room #147 and my conference time is from 8:54 - 9:50. Please call or email any time, or schedule to come by for a conference.




Once a six weeks, students must bring a current event for Social Studies. This may be in the form of a newspaper or magazine article, or an Internet site. These articles must pertain to Social Studies (economy, government, geography, culture, etc.). This is a TEST grade.

I have created a page for each student in Google Classroom for submission of website articles. Students may copy and paste the website address onto their page in the Google Classroom assignment. There is no need to print the article if this method is used. I will be able to access the article in class.


Students are required to read one book that is designated a Texas book during each six weeks. These books are marked in the HJH library. Once students have taken the test on the Texas AR book, they must show the results in their folders to Mrs. Vanek. (There must be teacher initials next to these results in order to get credit.) This is a TEST grade.

Students are allowed to read any Texas book, regardless of its level, for this grade. However, if the first test for a six weeks is failed and the student wants to read a second book to better the grade, it must be on level.

Week of August 19-23

Monday - Tech Day (Class Pages and Google Classroom)
Tuesday - Chapter 1 Vocabulary; regions and subregions
Wednesday - World Map; latitude and longitude
Thursday - Patterns of settlement; human and physical geography
Friday - Mrs. Vanek presents the first Current Event; absolute location


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Once every six weeks, 7th graders must read a book from the Texas section of the library and take the AR test over it.  This book can be on any level.  Mrs. Hlavac will let you read lower than your level for this book.  Have your AR test results recorded in your Reading folder and initialed by an authorized person (Mrs. Hlavac, Mrs. Thigpen, etc.).  Bring your folder to Social Studies and show Mrs. Vanek your grade.  This grade will go into the grade book for Social Studies as a TEST grade.  If your Texas book was below your level and you fail the test, you may want to take another test to improve your grade.  This second Texas test must be on your level.  Please come see me if you have any other questions.