Social Studies 7th Grade

Peggy Vanek
Social Studies
Fall 2019
Spring 2020



Students are required to read one book that is designated a Texas book during each six weeks. These books are marked in the HJH library. Once students have taken the test on the Texas AR book, they must show the results in their folders to Mrs. Vanek. (There must be teacher initials next to these results in order to get credit.) This is a TEST grade.

Students are allowed to read any Texas book, regardless of its level, for this grade. However, if the first test for a six weeks is failed and the student wants to read a second book to better the grade, it must be on level.

Week of 10/7 - 10/11

Monday - All projects for Chapter 4 (Texas Indians poster) must be finished and turned in; Texas Indian map
Tuesday - Finish all aspects of Chapter 5 (journal entries, Texas map); talk about Gonzales and the cannon's significance to Texas history
Wednesday - Field trip to Gonzales
Thursday - Begin chapter 5, The Age of Contact; divider page and vocab in the journal; read Section 1
Friday - Watch video on the Aztecs and Cortes; take quiz based on journal notes

Deadline for Texas AR books this six weeks is October 30.

Week of August 19-23

Monday - Tech Day - Class pages and Google Classroom
Tuesday - Human geography - How have humans modified or adapted to their environment in Texas?
Wedensday - Creating thematic maps
Thursday - Using the Texas map
Friday - Constructing a bar graph


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