Teen Leadership II (Period 2nd)

Course Description

Hallettsville Junior High

Teen Leadership 2

Course Syllabus


Course Description

The middle school years are tough on students.  In Teen Leadership we will work on some of the difficult decisions and developmental period facing middle school students.  Some of the things we will discuss are popularity, boys/girls, dating, friends, acceptance, parents, freedom, and identity.

Class Goals

  1. Understanding relationships
  2. Improving Social skills
  3. Taking responsibility
  4. Improving public speaking


There will not be a lot of homework.  Students will be expected to practice their speeches at home.  If absent, they may need to complete the missed work at home.

Late Work Policy

One of our Teen Leadership goals is to take responsibility.  Part of this is turning in your work on time! Therefore, due dates are firm!

Students are strongly encouraged to be at school each day.  Valuable learning takes place everyday! I do not believe in Free Days.  My job is to teach everyday and the student’s job is to learn. This cannot happen if the student is absent.

I realize that sometimes illness occurs and a student must be absent.  If this occurs it is the responsibility of the student to ask for any missed assignment.  Students will have one day, per absence, to complete the work and turn it in.

Parent Communication

Communication with parents on their child’s progress and behavior is very important to me. I will be communicating with you several ways this year.

  1. Class Dojo

 I use Class Dojo to track your child’s behavior.  You can sign up as a parent and see everything I enter about your child.  I award positive points when your child is doing what is expected and take away points when they are not.  I use this to justify my six week conduct grade. Class Dojo also has a messaging portion. You can send me a message anytime.  I check it often. This also allows me to send parents reminders of upcoming deadlines or important information. I also post pictures on here of things we are doing in class (or field trips and special programs).  I strongly encourage all parents to subscribe to my Class Dojo page. You can access it on any device that has internet access. I will send home a paper on how to sign up.

  1. Remind App
  2. Email


Class Dojo Conduct Grades:

S+  100%  

S   99-90

S-  89-80

N  79-70

U  69 –

Supplies needed

Each student will need the following supplies in order to be successful in 7th grade Reading:

  1. Notebook paper and pencils or pens
  2. A hand held pencil sharpener.  I do not have a classroom pencil sharpener.
  3. Composition notebook.

Grading Policy

The student’s grade will be based on 40% classwork/homework and 60% tests.  

Each Six Weeks will consist of the following test grades:

Each six weeks will consist of, but not limited to:

Workbook activities

Group work

Note writing


Movies to reinforce what we are learning

Class Rules/Expectations

*Be prompt- 3 tardies = warning, 4th  tardy  (and every tardy after) results in after school detention.  This is per semester, not per six weeks

*  Be prepared- with all needed materials and supplies

*  Listen carefully

Follow directions- both oral and/or written

* Work quietly

*  Respect others- Be kind with your words and actions. 

This class syllabus should remain in the brads of your binder all year to be used as a reference.